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Help us shape the future of NSW

The policy issues facing NSW today will have impacts well into the future for our communities. From tackling cybersecurity and unlocking the benefits of big data, to improving healthcare solutions and creating liveable communities, there are many areas in which greater collaboration could deliver transformational change.

An important first step for the NUW Alliance is to start a conversation with the people and sectors we hope to benefit. We want to understand the challenges faced by businesses,  local government, industry and local communities in our regions, and investigate areas where our shared resources can work together to provide a solution.

Consulting with our communities

Over the next few months the members of the NUW Alliance will be consulting with business and industry groups, local and state government representatives and our local communities.  These initial discussions will help define the priority areas where the combined skills of the NUW Alliance can provide the most impact.

The consultation follows considerations of NSW State Plan priorities and initial discussions between the three universities.

  • What are the key challenges – economic, social and technological - facing NSW and its communities?
  • What are the most important actions or projects to include in the NUW Alliance?
  • How can the NUW Alliance work more effectively with government, industry, business and community groups to deliver better economic and social benefits?

Download the consultation paper

What will happen to my feedback?

Your input and ideas will help to define the direction of the NUW Alliance and ensure that its work reflects the diverse needs of government, organisations, individuals and community groups across NSW.

Once all feedback is collated and considered, a refined set of NUW Alliance goals and a list of priority actions for each focus area will be published, as well as a timeline for when these actions will commence.

How to have your say

The NUW Alliance consultation paper outlines the goal, priorities and initial focus areas of the Alliance. We welcome your feedback on the proposed priorities and suggestions for areas of future collaboration.

Email your feedback to:

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Chief Executive Officer
NUW Alliance
P: +61 414 252 893

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Enterprise
UNSW Sydney
P: + 61 2 9385 2155

Head of Government Relations
University of Newcastle
P: + 61 2 4921 7869

Director, Government Relations
University of Wollongong
P: + 61 2 4221 5931

How do we use technology to build smart cities to make our lives easier?

How do we embrace the opportunities of a connected world while protecting our online security?

How can we bridge the health divide in rural, regional and remote areas?