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About the NUW Alliance

The NUW Alliance, a commitment by the University of Newcastle (UON), the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and the University of Wollongong (UOW), aims to explore some of the short and long term challenges impacting NSW to generate benefits for the State as well as the Australian economy.

With a geographical reach from the Mid North Coast to the South Coast – home to 25% of Australia’s population - this collaboration is the first grouping of its kind in Australia and is modelled on similar regionally-based research alliances in the United Kingdom and USA.

Matt Gijselman, Chief Executive Officer

Matt Gijselman is a skilled political, organisational and business strategist who has held a breadth of senior leadership positions across state and federal government, start-up and the corporate sector.

With a background in government, policy and political analysis, Matt has led strategic communications and advisory positions with Equifax, ARCA, and NRMA, including leading the ‘new mobility’ strategy towards national reforms to support connected, electric and autonomous vehicles.

Matt has held senior public affairs and advisory roles in the Australian Government, including to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Shared institutional DNA

The three universities of the NUW Alliance - the University of Newcastle (UON), the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and the University of Wollongong (UOW) - have a shared history and ethos of working in collaboration for the benefit of our State and the communities we serve.

The universities are committed to delivering research excellence, innovation and impact, and importantly, equality of access to higher education, regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Who we are

The universities have an operational income of more than $3.4 billion, and a collective research income of more than $500 million, including $112 million sourced from national and international industry partners.

Together, we have more than 120,000 students over 25 campuses across NSW and overseas, and 14 established innovation and entrepreneurship hubs spanning the East Coast of NSW.

While retaining each university’s independence and distinctiveness, the NUW Alliance will create new collaborative connections to help transform research and education outcomes into opportunities that have a real impact on the lives of people in NSW.

The key goals of the NUW Alliance

  • To work on global issues which impact directly on our regions.
  • To provide more active knowledge exchange to drive innovation.
  • To establish an expanded innovation network across NSW, providing areas for collaboration to create new jobs and businesses.
  • To achieve equity of access to high quality tertiary education for all people of NSW from Indigenous and low socio-economic backgrounds.

Working with business, industry and government, as well as communities across NSW, the NUW Alliance aims to identify where our combined efforts can solve local problems and deliver practical benefits to our community

Economic and social impact

New South Wales is the engine room of the national economy, and the vision and promises of the NUW Alliance are aligned with the Premier’s priorities for NSW. These priorities are across a range of social and economic issues, including jobs growth and job creation, particularly in regional areas.

The NUW Alliance universities engaged Deloitte Access Economics (Deloitte) to provide an independent analysis of the potential benefits offered by the Alliance to the NSW and Australian economy. The Deloitte report found the major benefits of the NUW Alliance included:

  • Increased and improved research outcomes – potential to contribute $4.7 billion to Australian GDP and increase labour demand by 6,500 full-time employees
  • Increased international student flows – incremental GDP impact of $250 million per year
  • Enhanced domestic educational attainment.

Combining our multidisciplinary research, educational and innovation clusters, we have the skills and resources to tackle some of the biggest challenges and deliver smart solutions for NSW.

“The NUW Alliance is about working together with the people of NSW to help shape the future of our state – to create new knowledge, grow new jobs, build new businesses and deliver the leaders of tomorrow for the workforce of the future.”